2012 Holiday menu


Holiday menu 2012

Appetizers/ small bites


Stuffed tomatoes- 3$ 2 per

Small tomatoes stuffed with savory herbed cream cheese with a basil leaf garnish.


Mini BLTA- 2.5$ each

Crostini topped with shredded arugula, crispy bacon, and tomato avocado compote.


Deviled eggs- 3$ 2 per

Organic hard cooked egg yolks mixed with a variety of flavor combinations. Try curry and crab, classic style with mustard and mayonnaise, horseradish and black pepper or tarragon and tomato.


Crispy prosciutto cups with pear- 2.5$ each

Mini crispy prosciutto cups filled with local pears, goat cheese and fresh thyme with a drizzle of honey.


Savory Panna Cotta- 2.5$ each

Creamy eggless custard with tarragon and shrimp served chilled in cocktail cups.


Fig smear and blue crostini- 3$ 2 per

Dry black mission figs simmered in red wine, rosemary and lemon zest pureed and smeared on lightly toasted crostini topped with Oregon Rogue River blue cheese.


Smoked salmon crostini- 4$ 2 per

Herbed cream cheese layered with local smoked salmon and topped with smashed avocado and crème fraiche.


Seared steak in lettuce cups- 3$ each

Ginger and green onion marinated steak grilled medium rare then sliced thin and loaded into butter lettuce cups and drizzled with sweet hot chili sauce.


Crab Macaroni and cheese- 5$ 2 per

Rich macaroni and cheese topped with fresh Dungeness crab and served in Asian soupspoons.


Rosemary chicken sausage and brava sauce- 2.5$ 2 per

Roasted slices of local rosemary chicken sausage topped with Spanish brava (tomatoes, onions, garlic, paprika and parsley) sauce.


Asian style pork sliders- 3$

Pork seasoned with ginger, garlic, green onions and soy formed into patties, grilled and served on small home made buns with shredded carrots, daikon, hot peppers and cilantro.


Mini Ruben Sandwiches- 3$

Corned beef sliced thin, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on cocktail rye bread grilled and served warm with sliced cornichon.


Smoked Salmon on crackers- 3.50$ 2 per

Water crackers topped with a dollop of herbed goat cheese, a chunk of cold smoked salmon and pepper jelly.


Crab cakes- 3.25$ each

Classic northwest style crab cake made with Dungeness crab, herbs, garlic, onions, crackers and eggs, rolled in panko and sautéed until golden brown. Served with a roasted pepper ”tarter” sauce.


Coconut shrimp- 3.25$ each

Large shrimp lightly breaded in coconut then pan sautéed and served with sweet hot chili sauce.


Antipasti platter- 4.75 $ per person

Seasonal selection of marinated vegetables like mushrooms, roasted peppers with olives and capers, roasted beets, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, sliced salami and anything else that I think is tasty.


Mini ham or turkey sandwiches-3$ each

Ham with apricot mustard and spinach or

Roasted turkey with wild greens and roasted pepper sauce, served on a homemade roll.


Basil tulle with sweet corn panna cotta and crumbled bacon- 3.25$ per

A thin basil flavored cookie rolled into a cone and filled with savory sweet corn panna cotta and topped with crumbled bacon


Vegetable cones with buttermilk bacon dressing- 2.5$ per

Assorted vegetables served in a bamboo cone with a drizzle of buttermilk bacon dressing. Better than a vegetable platter!


Tarragon shrimp salad cocktail- 3$ per

Tarragon shrimp salad served in a holiday cocktail glass with tomato, bacon and shredded arugula.


Thai style Sate- 1.75$ per

Chicken, pork, beef or tofu marinated in curry and oven roasted, served with a spicy peanut sauce, lime wedges and cilantro.




Peppers stuffed with Greek salad- 2$ per

Mini peppers filled with minced artichoke hearts, red onions, kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, Feta and lemon dressing.


Crab stuffed cucumbers- 3$ per

Cucumber coins filled with roasted pepper and crab salad with basil dressing.


Spanakopita- 1.5$ per

Classic spinach and Feta filled phyllo triangles. Baked to golden perfection and served with yogurt mint dipping sauce.


Heartier fare


Grilled beef with aioli- 6$

Beef tenderloin marinated in herbs and grill then grilled to medium rare, sliced and served with lemon-basil aioli. About 3oz per person.


Grilled Bri pork tenderloin- 4.5$

Lean pork tenderloin marinated in Bri (a South African style BBQ) grilled and sliced served with salsa verde. About 3oz per person.


Grilled chicken with brava sauce- 4$

Chicken breasts marinated herbs, lemon zest and black pepper, then grilled and sliced thin. Served with Spanish brava sauce (tomato, onion, garlic, paprika). About 3oz per person.


Roasted salmon- 5$

Salmon fillets oven roasted with white wine, tarragon and lemon and served with roasted pepper “tarter” sauce. About 3oz per person.

Sides and salads


Wild greens with Gorgonzola and candied pecans- 3.5$

Fresh salad of wild greens tossed with balsamic dressing and topped with crumbled Gorgonzola and candied pecans.


Butter lettuce with roasted beets- 3.5$

Tender butter lettuce tossed with roasted golden beets and mustard vinaigrette.


Spinach salad- 4$

Classic style spinach salad with sliced red onions, toasted hazelnuts, sliced hard cooked eggs and warm bacon dressing


Canlis salad- 4$

Romaine lettuce tossed with green onions, crispy bacon, mint, tomatoes, croutons, Pecorino cheese and creamy lemon dressing.


Kale salad with sour cherry and toasted almonds- 3.5$

Baby kale tossed with balsamic dressing, toasted sliced almonds, and dried sour cherries.


Garlic green beans- 2.5$

Green beans pan toasted and tossed with sautéed garlic, hot pepper and a dash of salt.


Roasted squash- 2.5$

Seasonal winter squash roasted with savory seasonings.


Braised brussel sprouts with bacon and shallots- 3$

Brussel sprouts simmered with shallots, tomatoes, and bacon.




Other selections are always available. Please ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen. Thanks!