2014 Holiday Menu

Holiday appetizers 2014

Ingredients and recipes may change unexpectedly due to availability of products and mental health of the chef!

All prices per serving unless otherwise noted


1. Pickled Shrimp- $ 3.75

Served in glass flip lidded jars, large shrimp marinated in lemon, extra virgin olive oil, pickling spices, onions, spicy chili slices, and fennel fronds.


2. Pok Pok Chicken-$ 3.75

Yes it’s the famous Pok Pok chicken but made with chicken breast meat for easy holiday eating in your nice clothes. Spicy, sweet, sticky, and irresistible. Best served warm.


3. BLTA crostini-$ 3.00

Lightly toasted baguette topped with minced bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and arugula…I guess that makes it 2 a’s.


4. Pecan cheese wafers-$ 2.00

Rich cheese wafers topped with a toasted pecan, tasty and elegant.


5. Muhammara and it’s sister hummus with sumac pita chips- $3.75

Muhammara- walnuts, roasted Piquillo peppers, parsley, pomegranate molasses, and lemon juice roughly chopped and served with its BFF hummus alongside sumac-toasted pita chips.


6. Olive and fennel tarts- $ 3.25

Crispy puff pastry tarts topped with roasted fennel and olives. Savory and rich.


7. Mini Cheese Marbles- $ 2.50

Bite sized marbles of creamy goat cheese and dried fruit rolled in toasted pistachios, or bacon, or minced scallions, or herbs, or walnuts, making a beautiful colorful appetizer.


8. Deviled dates- $ 1.75

Large dates stuffed with Marcona almonds then wrapped in bacon, baked and drizzled with tart pomegranate molasses.  A crowd pleaser for sure! Best served warm.


9. Ham and phyllo cups- $ 2.25

Southern style ham salad topped with spicy- sweet pepper jelly served in a bite sized phyllo cup. How can you say no?


10. Tuna butter crostini- $ 2.25

European style tuna whipped with butter, herbs, and anchovy smeared onto toasted baguettes and topped with crispy fried capers. Yum on every level.



11. Crab and avocado cocktails- served in shot glasses- $4.75

Local crab, non-local avocados, watercress, loaded into shot glasses and drizzled with a honey and lime dressing. Cold, refreshing, and very tasty.


12. Wild boar crostini-$ 2.50

Crispy crostini topped with wild boar salami and pickled wild mushrooms. It’s like eating a trip to the wild without getting your feet dirty.


13. Italian sausage marbles-$ 2.00

Italian and mozzarella cheese marbles topped with a wedge of tangy cherry peppers and basil. Served on a fancy toothpick for easy grazing. Best served warm.


14. Bacon candy!- $3.25

Holy cow it good! Strips of bacon baked with a brown sugar and chili glaze of an all in one appetizer.


15. Mini Spanish Torta with chorizo jam or tomato jam- $3.25

Small mini muffin sized Spanish Torta- fried potatoes, onions, garlic, and smoked paprika topped with chorizo jam. Best served warm.


16.Classic Potted Pork- $4.75

A throwback classic for sure! Pork simmered in herbs, onions, and butter then “potted” into jars and served with grainy mustard, toasted garlic crostini, and brandy glazed shallots.


17. Beef empanadas-$2.75

Savory pastry filled with spiced beef then baked and served with roasted chili sauce. If you can’t be somewhere sunny then at least eat something that makes you feel sunny. Best served warm.


18. Roasted cauliflower florets with yogurt sauce- $1.75

Cauliflower roasted with Sea salt and olive oil then served with res el hanout- THE classic spicy from Morocco. Delicious and different.


19. Crab toasts with lemon aioli- $3.50

Lightly toasted crostini topped with creamy lemon aioli crab salad.  Crispy, creamy, tart and crab need I say more?


20. Coconut Shrimp-$ 3.50

This dish never leaves the list! Large shrimp lightly breaded in coconut them pan fried and topped with sweet hot chili sauce and a cilantro leaf. Best served warm.


21. The BEST crab cakes EVER!- $3.50

I know you’ve heard that before but these really are the best crab cakes. Pan sautéed and serve with roasted pepper “tarter” sauce. Bring it on! Best served warm.


22. Creamy grits with chili lime shrimp and chive cream- $4.25

Oh the big girl is bringin it on this one! Creamy grits topped with spicy lime and chili marinated shrimp and a dollop of chive cream. Delish!


23. Parmesan crisps-$1.50

Perfect for cheese or dipping into port. Crispy parmesan and herb “cookies”, can also be made with cranberries and goat cheese.