2016 Holiday menu

2016 Holiday menu

Prices are per piece or person as noted. All ingredients and prices subject to change. Price does not include, tax, travel, or rentals. Any questions please ask.



Small individual tarts approximately 2 ½”-3” in diameter

Roasted chicken and grainy mustard tarts-$2.5

Personal sized tart filled with roasted chicken, grainy mustard, tarragon, and a touch of cream.

Feta “Tart”-GF-$2

Crustless Feta custard topped with piquillo pepper strips and fresh herbs, pan baked then cut into 2×2 squares.

Fig and Blue Phyllo Tart-$2.25

Black mission figs poached in white port, quartered and baked in a savory mini tart shell with creamy blue cheese and fresh thyme.

Seafood Tart-$3

Savory herbed tart shell filled with creamy leek and seafood filling. Filling is usually shrimp, crab, or white fish.


I love things cooked or served on a stick and I hope you will too!

Banderillas aka Spanish Tapa’s on a Pick-$1.5

Bamboo pick filled with blue cheese stuffed olives wrapped in Jamon ham with pickled pearl onions. Cornichon picked with Manchego cheese cube, and piquillo pepper stuffed olive. Pickled Guindilla peppers, olive and boquerónes. Pickled okra and Manchego cheese cube.

Sunday Chicken Skewer-$2.25

Chicken breast marinated in tomato, garlic, herbs, vinegar, and sea salt then skewered, roasted, and served with vegetable salsa.

Bacon, Brussel Sprout skewer-$2

Braised Brussel sprouts skewered then topped with minced bacon and balsamic glaze.

Chicken, pork, or beef saté-$3.5

Chicken, pork or beef marinated in Thai style curry, skewered, roasted and serve with SPICY peanut sauce and skewered marinated cucumber and tomato picks. Fried bacon wrapped artichoke hearts-$2.5

Baby whole artichoke hearts lightly marinated then wrapped in bacon and fried, served with a smear of garlic aioli.

Moorish Lamb Skewers-$4.

Leg of lamb cut into small cubes then marinated in smoked Spanish paprika (pimentón della Vera), cumin, garlic, nutmeg, sea salt and parsley then grilled or oven roasted and served with lemon for squeezing.


Little crispy open face sandwiches

Manchego Cheese and Honey Crostini-$2

Crispy baguette topped with manchego cheese and a drizzle of local honey. Served warm and toasty.

Roasted Pepper and Ricotta Crostini-$2

Herbed ricotta smeared on toasty baguette with roasted peppers and shredded fresh basil.

Devils on Horseback-$3

Nothing says the holidays like the devil! Fried fresh oysters, garlic pesto, and crumbled bacon alight a lightly toasted crostini.

Mushroom and garlic toasts-$2.75

Mini toasts topped with garlic, cream, and herb sautéed wild mushrooms.

Duck rillettes-$2.5

Duck confit smeared on mini toasted bread slices and served with a dab of plum jam and fresh thyme.

Spanish chorizo and leek crostini-$2.75

Lightly toasted baguette topped with creamy leek, chorizo and pite Basque cheese compote. Delish!

Finger foods

I love to eat with my fingers!

Citrus marinated olives-$2.5 per person

Large olives marinated in orange and lemon zests, garlic, fresh thyme, and Spanish Sherry Vinegar.

Coconut shrimp-$3.5

Large shrimp lightly breaded in coconut then pan sautéed and finished with sweet hot chili sauce and a cilantro leaf. A crowd favorite!

Deviled eggs-$2, $2.5 for the crab

Classic, crab and curry, or dusted with miso olive dust.

Crab cakes-$4

Dungeness crab, crackers, mayo, seasonings, and eggs lightly bearded in panko then pan sautéed and served with roasted pepper sauce.

Deviled dates-$2

Sweet Medjool dates stuffed with Marcona almond, wrapped in bacon then baked and drizzled with pomegranate molasses. Insane!


Little half moon shaped pastries filled with bison and black bean, white cheddar cheese and Mama Lil’s Peppers, or Brie, walnut and dried cherries.

Fork Food

Sometimes you have to use a fork

Short Rib Martinis-$7

That’s right I said it…braised short ribs served atop creamy garlic mashers with a rich demi glace sauce in a martini glass.

Salmon in a cocktail glass-$4.

Cold Smoked Salmon mixed with tomatoes, dill, mustard, and cream, then spooned into a small cocktail glass and drizzled with walnut oil and balsamic glaze.

Pork Pot Stickers with crispy shallots and cilantro-$3

Perfect pork pot stickers pan-fried and served on a platter with crispy shallots and cilantro.

Orange olive salad-$3.5

Cara Cara oranges peeled, then sliced into rounds, and served with minced green olives and mojo dressing.

Moroccan Carrot salad-$3.5

Shredded carrots marinated in honey, white balsamic vinegar, cumin, coriander, mint, parsley, garlic and feta.

Hearts of Palm and Crab Salad-$5

Tender hearts of Palm, herbs, pomegranate seeds, and fresh crab tossed with lime vinaigrette on a bed of butter lettuce.

Bri Pork Tenderloin-$6 per person

Bri is a South African style BBQ that I just love! Pork tenderloin lightly dusted with Bri then grill,, sliced, and served with salsa verde.

Chicken Kara-age-$4.5

Asian style marinated chicken lightly dusted in cornstarch then pan fried and served with Yuzu Kosho dipping sauce. Possibly the best fried chicken you’ll ever have!

Pok Pok Chicken-$4.5

Sweet, sticky, spicy, salty, chicken. Served with pickled vegetables.


Don’t see something you want? Just ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen.