Rustic Spring Italian Cooking Class

Spring in Italy, (deep breath here) so many yummy thing to eat. In this class we explore 6 recipes. Each one speaks of the crossing over from winter to spring.

The Menu is
3 antipasti
Boquerones with lemon oil
Parmigiano-Reggiano (winter milk) with La Vecchia 30th Anniversary condimento
Roasted cipollini onions and crimini mushrooms with garlic and basil oil
crusty bread for dipping and sopping.

Pasta with fava beans- fresh favas in a yummy tomato sauce

Pan sautéed Rainbow Trout with red wine vinegar sauce and Bomba beans

Crazy double chocolate gelato with Etruria bergamot oil and Fossil River flake sea salt

rustic spring Italian


churning double chocolate ice cream

churning double chocolate ice cream