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Wild salmon with tarragon

Wild salmon fillets lightly seasoned with lemon zest, black pepper, and tarragon. Served with a roasted pepper “tarter” sauce.


Chicken with peppers and onions

Pan seared chicken breasts finished with a sauce of onions, garlic, parsley, sweet peppers and chicken stock.


Pork with mustard and shallots

Pork cutlets marinated in Dijon mustard, minced shallots, fresh thyme, and lemon zest. Then you pan sautéed it about 6-7 minute per side.


Beef with mushrooms

Lean beef tenderloin marinated in herbs and garlic. You grill, sauté or oven roast to desired doneness, served with a rich mushroom sauce.


Game hens with molasses and honey

Mostly boneless game hen marinated in molasses, honey, shallots, fresh thyme and black pepper then oven roasted.


Halibut with peas and bacon

Fresh halibut fillets seasoned with lemon zest, olive oil and black pepper on a bed of peas with crispy bacon.


Classic crab cakes

My famous crab cakes lightly dusted in panko then you pan sautéed until gold brown on each side. Served with a roasted pepper “tarter” sauce.


Chicken Parmesan

Chicken breast lightly breaded in panko then pan sautéed until golden brown. Then topped with a zippy tomato sauce, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses and fresh basil.

Minestrone soup and salad

A hearty Italian style vegetable soup with white beans, pasta, loads of vegetables, broth, and herbs. Serve with seasonal salad and garlic bread.


Stuffed shells

Large pasta shells stuffed with cheese, spinach, and roasted garlic then topped with a zippy tomato sauce.


Butternut squash risotto

Creamy Italian rice simmered with butternut squash, onions, and roasted garlic. Served with minced tomato compote.


Turkey with vegetable salsa

Pan sautéed turkey breast served with a vegetable and arugula salsa.